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Bridge Migrants

  • Learning Village
    The BRIDGE Learning Village is a space
    for English language teachers and volunteers
    who want to become LANGUAGE & CULTURE ANIMATEURS.

Communication for integration

The project

The BRIDGE project aims to integrate migrants already permanently resident in Europe: women and men who live in our cities and suburbs, who have children in our schools and who need to communicate in the most common situations of everyday life but are unable to do so because they don't speak our language.

City of the arts in Valencia
Partner's meeting in Spain

After months of restrictions due to the Covid-19 pandemic, in September 2021, project's partners could meet again to carry out the project's work and discuss goals, strategies, and results.

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We are making progress
We're making progress!

We can't yet organise face-to-face activities but we have been busy doing our best to ensure that everything will be ready as soon as we are able to start working with our learners.

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What is a language & culture animator?

The BRIDGE animator gives life to a space, making it the centre of learning and activities for people who need to learn the language; where people from different countries, backgrounds, cultures, religions, life experiences, interests and needs fe

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