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Divscover here the Competence Framework for Language and Culture Animateurs and find out the intercultural  competences you may need - or you already have! 

What is the the BRIDGE Competence Framework for Language & Culture Animateurs?

The ‘Language & Culture Animateur’’ can be thought of as a social and cultural mediator who leads language learning activities in informal settings and makes a bridge between long-settled migrants on the margins and other community actors and institutions. In order to achieve its aim, BRIDGE will develop a competence framework. This framework entails the redefinition of competences as it builds on intercultural competence framework complementing it with 'domain-specific' competences (intercultural mediation competences, required by language teachers and volunteers in general) and 'community animation' competences (required to involve hard to reach long-settled migrants).

Who is it intended for?

Language teachers/volunteers, working with particularly 'hard to reach' long-settled migrants, functioning as Language and Culture Animateurs in this project.

What are its main aims?

The project aims at identifying competencies of the Language and Culture Animateurs and develop a tool to assess these competences. The structure of the framework and tool is linked to the BRIDGE Language & Culture Animateur Training Programme.